Vocation Link System

Vocation Link System

Welcome to the Rebo-OT's Vocation Link System, an innovative feature that introduces a strategic layer of customization to your gameplay. This system rewards players based on their vocation and level, amplifying their combat capabilities. Here's a breakdown of how it operates:

How Does It Work?

For seasoned adventurers who've attained level 100 or beyond, we're pleased to offer a unique bonus that's directly tied to their chosen vocation. The higher your level and the more fitting your vocation, the more substantial the bonus becomes for all characters across your account .

Types of Bonuses

The Vocation Link System brings about specific bonuses tailored to different vocations:

  • Elite Knight: Enjoy enhanced damage mitigation.
  • Royal Paladin: Increased critical hit damage.
  • Master Sorcerer: Inflict greater damage.
  • Elder Druid: Empower your healing prowess.
  • No Vocation: Increased experience gain.

Bonus Calculation

The bonus itself is calculated at a rate of 1% for every 100 levels ( 2% for No-Vocation ) you attain. As your characters' levels grow, so does the potency of these remarkable bonuses. (Capped at 15% or level 1500)

A Practical Example

Imagine you're embodying the role of an Elder Druid, and your level has reached the remarkable milestone of 1000. With a notable healing bonus of 10%, all healing spells and potions for characters across your entire account receive a substantial surge in potency. This upgrade transforms you into a truly formidable healer on the battlefield.

Embrace Your Newfound Power

The Vocation Link System enriches your capabilities, allowing you to shape your gameplay experience according to your vocation and level. It's a reward that acknowledges your journey and rewards you for your dedication.

As you explore Rebo-OT's world, seize this opportunity to bolster your gameplay. Embrace this distinctive system and watch your prowess ascend to unprecedented heights!