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12/2/2023, 1:03:18 AM Patch Notes Published by GOD

Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug affecting reflected damage from melee weapons.
  • Addressed a visual bug where the experience converter timer showed as running down when inactive.

Client Update Required

Players are required to update their clients by running the updater to experience these fixes. Thank you.

12/1/2023, 1:24:42 AM Patch Notes Published by GOD

Patch Notes


  • Fixed missing earth protection from Scarab Ocarina.
  • Fixed missing life leech and mana leech from some Sanguine weapons.
  • Fixed Goshnar’s Hatred not granting a taint after being killed.

Feature Updates

  • Galthen’s Satchel can now be retrieved by clicking on the tree, akin to the global Tibia mechanics. (7-day cooldown)
  • Surprise cubes, green & blue crystals are now stackable items.

Exaltation Forge

  • Transcendence is now available, offering a tier upgrade for legs.

Refiller NPC Changes

  • Removed Glathen’s Satchel from refiller NPC.

Game Store Changes

  • Added new outfit: Darklight Evoker.

Life Ruiner Changes

  • Increased loot drop rates.
  • Changed spawn frequency from every 4 hours to every 8 hours on Mon-Fri.

Client Update Required

Kindly update your client by running your launchers to experience these changes. Thank you.

11/29/2023, 1:07:25 AM Patch Notes Published by GOD

Patch Notes

Exaltation Forge Changes

  • Core Success Chance : The core now gives a 25% success chance bonus, increased from 15%.

Game Store Updates

  • New Offers :
    • Black skull removal.
    • Red skull removal.
  • New Waypoints :
    • Lion Sanctum Minis.
    • Heart Of Destruction Hub.

Armory NPC Updates

  • New Items :
    • Scarab Ocarina available for 500k.

Party System Fixes

  • Leadership Transition :
    • Resolved the issue where party leadership was not being passed correctly. This fix ensures a smooth transition of leadership as intended.
  • Leaving Party Under Specific Conditions :
    • Addressed a bug preventing players from leaving a party in certain conditions.

11/27/2023, 1:13:29 AM Patch Notes Published by GOD

Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Item Descriptions : Fixed an issue where item descriptions were not displaying properly.

Gameplay Changes

  • Fiendish Monsters : Increased the maximum number of Fiendish monsters that can be alive at any time from 6 to 12.
  • Boss Drops : Increased the drop rate of 'bag you desire' from Goshnar's bosses.
  • Plunder Patriarch Spawn Rate : Enhanced the chance for a Plunder Patriarch to spawn in Gnomprona.

11/25/2023, 1:01:44 AM Patch Notes Published by GOD

Patch Notes

New Features

  • Loot Pouch : Can now be moved to stash to store anything stowable inside.
  • Loot Buyer NPC : Added to Rookgaard.
  • New Chest in Rookgaard : Added a chest with a quiver next to the Blind Orc.

Bug Fixes

  • Monster Pathing : Fixed an issue causing 'exeta res' spell to not work as intended.
  • Item Descriptions : Resolved an issue where some item descriptions were being shown twice.
  • Bone Fiddle Quest : Fixed an issue preventing players from obtaining a strand of hair for the bone fiddle.

Gameplay Changes

  • Roulette Prizes :
    • Removed platinum token as a possible prize from the roulette utility slot.
    • Prizes are now broadcasted in red.
  • Vocation Link Bonus :
    • No Vocation Bonus : Experience gain percentage increased every 100 levels for players with no vocation. Instead of 1%, it is now 2% every 100 levels (capping at a 30% experience gain increase at level 1500).

NPC Adjustments

  • NPC Obi in Rookgaard :
    • No longer walks around.
    • Now sells distance items.