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12/6/2023, 1:22:24 AM Patch Notes Published by GOD

Patch Notes

Goshnar's Taints and Flickering Soul

  • Players are now affected by Goshnar’s taints exclusively within the Soul War areas.
  • Flickering Soul now correctly responds to the "task" command, allowing players to claim the Revenant outfit after defeating Megalomania.

Goshnar's Megalomania Boss Fight Fixes

  • Resolved several issues with the Goshnar’s Megalomania boss fight and lever, ensuring accessibility and completion.
  • Please note: Some stages are missing from the Goshnar Megalomania fight. These stages will be added in an upcoming update (likely part of tomorrow's update). However, the quest is now completable, and players can claim a bag you desire.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work to improve and enhance your gaming experience.

12/5/2023, 4:44:36 AM Patch Notes Published by GOD

Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing players to get stuck for extended periods when getting rooted, particularly when moving diagonally.

Game Store Update

  • Updated the available waypoint list when interacting with the waypoint unlocker.

12/4/2023, 1:01:42 AM Patch Notes Published by GOD

Patch Notes

Game Adjustments

  • Removed White Weretiger from Orc Task.
  • Increased the chance for the Wild Horses raid to trigger.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed apparition kills not contributing to the progress required to fight Goshnar’s Greed.
  • Resolved an issue causing the magma bubble lever to malfunction.

These changes aim to refine gameplay mechanics and address reported issues for a smoother gaming experience.

12/3/2023, 1:01:46 AM Patch Notes Published by GOD

Patch Notes

Ability Fixes

  • Resolved a bug with transcendence proc: It previously required the avatar spell to be unlocked, consumed mana, and triggered the regular avatar spell cooldown. Now, it operates independently.
  • Corrected the proc chances for Onslaught and Transcendence: These chances are now appropriately doubled. Note: Ruse and Momentum proc chances remain unchanged.

These adjustments aim to ensure smoother functionality and improved balance for the affected abilities.

12/2/2023, 1:03:18 AM Patch Notes Published by GOD

Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug affecting reflected damage from melee weapons.
  • Addressed a visual bug where the experience converter timer showed as running down when inactive.

Client Update Required

Players are required to update their clients by running the updater to experience these fixes. Thank you.