Custom Boss

Life Ruiner Boss Guide

Life Ruiner is a formidable boss in our game with the potential to drop valuable items. Defeating this boss requires strength due to its high difficulty level.

Spawn Schedule

  • Monday - Friday: Spawns every 8 hours.
  • Saturday & Sunday: Spawns every 4 hours.

How to participate

Life ruiner can be found in the event room, the event room can be accessed through Thais temple by simply walking north and going into the portal on the right. Once inside simply continue walking north to reach Life Ruiner's portal.

Loot Drops

Life Ruiner has a chance to drop various items. Here's a breakdown of its rare items:

Rare Drops

  • Green Crystal
  • Blue Crystal
  • Platinum Token
  • Titanium Token
  • Surprise Cube
  • Stamina Refill
  • Concoction Box
  • Addon Doll
  • Gold Dust