VIP System & Loyalty

VIP Benefits

XP Boost Faster Exercise Weapons Exercise Weapons Auto Casting Loot Bonus
Increased Experience : Receive 20% more experience from creatures Faster Exercise Weapons : Training exercise weapons are used 20% faster Exercise Weapons Auto Casting : Training exercise weapons are automatically recasted if a new one of the same type is found Increased Loot Bonus : Enjoy an increased loot bonus while looting items, which also operates within a party with a diminishing factor based on party size.
Mount Mount
Phant Mount Gloothomotive Mount
Exclusive Mounts : Mounts only available for VIP members
Outfit Outfit Outfit Outfit Outfit Outfit
Discoverer Male Discoverer Female Recruiter Male Recruiter Female Orcsoberfest Garb Male Orcsoberfest Garb Female

Exclusive Outfits : Outfits only available for VIP members

Loyalty System

To acquire loyalty points, you need to purchase VIP time in our Store. For every 30 days of VIP purchased, 1 loyalty point will be added to your account. The loyalty bonus applies to all characters on the account, whether newly created or existing.

Loyalty Table

Title Required Points Bonus (Skills)
Scout of Tibia 0 +0
Sentinel of Tibia 1 +1
Steward of Tibia 2 +2
Warden of Tibia 3 +3
Squire of Tibia 4 +4
Warrior of Tibia 5 +5
Keeper of Tibia 6 +6
Guardian of Tibia 7 +7
Sage of Tibia 8 +8
Savant of Tibia 9 +9
Enlightened of Tibia 10 +10

*To check your current loyalty title, simply use the "look" command on your character, and a message will appear.


  • Knights receive bonuses only for axe/sword/club and shield skills.
  • Paladins receive bonuses only for distance skills.
  • Mages receive bonuses only for magic level skill.