Task System

Task System

Welcome to the Task System! This exciting feature adds a new layer of gameplay to our server, allowing players to take on various tasks and earn fantastic rewards. To access the Task System, you'll find a golden newspaper in your store inbox. Here's what it looks like:

Golden Newspaper

Read on to learn more about the types of tasks available and the rewards you can earn.

Types of Tasks

Currently, the Task System offers two types of tasks, each with its own unique characteristics:

Daily Tasks

  • Description : Daily tasks can be completed once every 24 hours. These tasks are designed to be a part of your daily routine, offering a steady stream of challenges and rewards.
  • Reset : The kill count for daily tasks resets at server save, so make sure to complete them within the same day.
  • Reward : Completing daily tasks grants you valuable rewards that can help you on your journey.

Unique Tasks

  • Description : Unique tasks are special challenges that can only be completed once. These tasks offer unique experiences and are designed to be memorable achievements.
  • Completion : Once you've completed a unique task, it cannot be repeated. The excitement of completing a unique task is something you'll cherish forever.
  • Reward : Unique tasks offer better rewards, including rare items, and more experience.


Completing tasks is not only a fun and engaging experience, but it also comes with great rewards. Here are some of the rewards you can earn from the Task System:

  • Platinum Tokens : Valuable currency that can be used for special purchases and trading with other players.
  • Experience : Boost your character's experience to level up and become more powerful.
  • Gold : Earn gold to enhance your equipment, trade with NPCs, and more.

Remember, the Task System is designed to provide you with exciting challenges and rewards, so be sure to take full advantage of it. Embark on your task-filled adventures and enjoy the journey!

If you have any questions or need assistance with the Task System, feel free to reach out to our support team. Good luck, and may your task-taking endeavors be prosperous!