anyone is welcome to join will try to pg and do daily bosses
Dekoin is their guild leader. Enforcers was founded on 8/26/2023. Guild bank account balance: 0 gold.
Outfit Name Vocation Level
Dekoin (Darling)
Master Sorcerer 1301
Elite Knight 730
Dekoink (I Am Groot)
Elder Druid 461
Classy Civilian
Choxi (Tanky Boi)
Royal Paladin 1109
Percival (Old Knight)
Elite Knight 934
Rod (Chris Handsom)
Elder Druid 741
Royal Paladin 601
Royal Paladin 271
Master Sorcerer 413
Sledge (Afk)
Royal Paladin 804
Elite Knight 609
Elder Druid 501
Royal Paladin 608
Master Sorcerer 952
Master Sorcerer 429
Royal Paladin 947
Elite Knight 620
Elite Knight 465
Master Sorcerer 351
Royal Paladin 732
Elder Druid 644
Elite Knight 292

Invited players

Outfit Name Vocation Level
Elder Druid 970
Elite Knight 911